Harumi Sushi & Bar perfectly captures House of Form's overarching concept: the Enigmatic Beauty of Imperfection. 

The design principles revolve around three key rules: celebrate asymmetry and unevenness, introduce hints of age and patina, and resist the mass-produced. By adopting the wabi-sabi Japanese philosophy, the House of Form design team emphasized the use of natural, raw materials, organic shapes, and a soothing, neutral palette. 

Embodying the philosophy to resist the mass-produced, the space features one-of-one pieces, ensuring a unique dining experience. This commitment to the design principles contributes to an atmospheric and curated dining environment that exudes tranquility and genuine authenticity.

Since its inception, Bover has been renowned for its expertise in ribbon lamps, meticulously crafting each product in its own factory. As a member of a select group of companies, Bover prides itself on valuing the tradition and wisdom of craftsmanship.

Bover maintains a commitment to this artisanal approach, continuing to produce high-quality ribbon lamps with great care and precision in Barcelona.

Mediterrània, designed by Alex Fernandez Camps, is a lamp that serenely participates in spaces. Its curves and material make it a non-invasive object, soft and simple. Its organic warmth allows us to rediscover it every time we meet it with our eyes.

Interior Design: House of Form for Harumi Sushi.  

Loop Architectural Materials is your local representative for Bover

Images by photographer Kevin Brost