Mediterranean cuisine, authentic and inimitable flavors, and always fresh, genuine ingredients. All of this in the elegant and refined ambiance of the Macramè restaurant in Naples. An original and picturesque setting to enjoy unique dishes under the warm light of Bover lamps.

Garota, inspired by the shell of a sea urchin, offers us warm and diffused light, wrapped in organic, rounded, and subtle shapes, designed to accompany us in both indoor and outdoor areas. We expand the collection with a string of Garotas that will bring warm light to those summer nights on terraces and gardens.

Tanit is a portable and rechargeable table lamp, with soft and diffused light through a handmade cotton thread-woven shade. Its portability allows us to go a step further and transform outdoor spaces into cozy areas of tranquility and light quality.

The Amphora lamps are designed to create warm and highly special atmospheres in outdoor spaces. Their volumes and shapes pay a subtle and discreet tribute to the terracotta amphorae that were used in the past to decorate gardens and terraces.