This architectural marvel with its understated and elegant curves was reconstructed in the early 20th century. The castle overlooks a magnificent wooded park of 1 hectare that offers changing atmospheres throughout the seasons. There is no better place for a romantic stroll before the festivities.

Spending a few days at Château de Cormicy is also immersing oneself in the ambiance of a warm and intimate residence. The Château has a new look in 2020, with a new style that revisits the past through the joy of contemporary materials and colors. The mix of atmospheres between the different buildings is daring. It brilliantly stands out from the classicism of traditional castles.

In this ambiance, you will find Bover's Drip-Drop, Mei, and Mediterrània.

All models of Drip and Drop pay special attention to detail, light quality, brightness, colors, and contrasts, but above all to the specific needs they must cover.

The Mei collection is a family of pendant lamps with different lines and formats, but with a common denominator: the Ribbon. It is ideal for creating friendly environments where warm and richly nuanced light is needed.

The Mediterrània lamp is an ode to Mediterranean light, breeze, and scent. A gentle wave of ribbon that pays tribute to our Mediterranean light, so heterogeneous throughout the day, that light that always combines bright flashes with very warm rays, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Credits: Château de Cormicy: