L'Esfera is the new office in Miami Playa, Tarragona. An innovative space designed by the Strada Interiors team, it stands out for its unique geodesic structure, capturing the essence of modernity and elegance.

The interior of L'Esfera has been conceived with the vision of seamlessly integrating functional furniture design, highlighting the imposing dome architecture. The central, versatile, and transformative element becomes the key to balancing design with functionality, offering different shapes and uses as you move through the space.

At the heart of this work are the "Domitas," lamps that mark a milestone in the Dome collection. From their conception, the idea of creating smaller versions allowed for the development of lighter and more versatile spaces. These lamps, composed of fine wooden slats, form a small dome that houses an LED source inside.

Domitas are not just individual elements but, when combined, become key pieces to build impressive lamp formats. We can create cascades of light that adapt to the specific needs of each project, offering endless application possibilities.

Discover the fusion of architectural modernity and functional design at L'Esfera. Domitas provide sophisticated and versatile lighting, offering an elegant solution for various environments.