This seafront house is located on the most beautiful coastal plot in the district of Palio, on the outskirts of the city of Kavala, in northern Greece. The design is inspired by monastic architecture. Accessing from the main street of the district, the north facade of the building features minimal openings, creating an air of solitude and privacy.

Part of the lighting in this Villa includes Bover lamps.

The Garotas are part of an extensive collection of outdoor lamps that allow for creating multiple environments or combinations based on a common concept, the lampshade in the shape of a sea urchin.

Siam exudes a certain oriental air and offers a soft, nuanced light. It allows us to create different compositions by partially overlapping the lampshades, creating a mural suitable for each space and need.

The Plafonet is one of the best products in our catalog, known for its simplicity and good design. It is available in 3 sizes, and we can choose from different screen finishes.

Project by: Stella Adrimi /