Ciento7: an informal summer house in a privileged location in Santa Ponsa. Villa Ciento7 is aesthetically the perfect combination of a Mediterranean estate and a modern villa. The base is a Mediterranean house, complemented with modern and simple elements.

Part of its design includes Bover lamps such as Garota, especially on the terrace, and Domita and Drip/Drop for the bedrooms.

Garotas are part of a wide collection of outdoor lamps that allow creating multiple environments or combinations based on a common concept, the sea urchin-shaped screen.

Domita: From the beginning of the creation of the Dome, we knew that sooner or later we should expand the collection with smaller versions that would allow us to create lighter spaces. Under these premises, the Domitas were born, lamps made with fine wood slats that converge, forming a small dome that houses the LED source.

Drip/Drop: The design and functionality of Drip and Drop fit perfectly in residential projects and in Contract. Thanks to its multiple application possibilities, it works very well in hotels, both in common spaces and in rooms.

Project by: Sophisticated Projects @sophisticatedprojects