Outrack | Nans PF/21/4L

Outrack is a track profiling system electrified at 24 V, suitable for both the indoors and outdoors, enabling you to install its luminaires wherever required.

The idea behind this track lighting stemmed from a frequent need to temporarily install luminaires in outdoor environments that, when the good weather arrives, invite us to head outside and enjoy our surroundings.

A wide range of Bover products can be installed on the Outrack track and gathered up again when needed, without having to disassemble the electrical facility. With a simple click, you can store your lights whenever you want.

Profiles are available in three sizes and an be interconnected via a connector cable. Pendant luminaires can be installed on the track or moved beyond it, which allows for a greater positioning margin in your facilities.

Joana Bover

Outrack | Nans PF/21/4L
Outrack | Nans PF/21/4L
Outrack | Nans PF/21/4L
Outrack | Nans PF/21/4L
Outrack | Nans PF/21/4L


Usually leaves the warehouse in 8/10 weeks
  • Beige (with Light Blue and Light Grey)
  • Marrón (with Beige and Light Grey)
  • Roja (with Orange and Beige)
Color Temperature

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