Banyan Tree Mayakoba is an Asian-inspired sanctuary in the heart of the Riviera Maya, in Mexico. A five-diamond AAA resort and winner of the exclusive TripAdvisor Best of the Best award. A luxurious beach resort that beckons to a world of lush mangrove forests and pristine coastlines imbued with the charm of the Riviera Maya.

On the terrace of the luxurious rooms in this resort, you'll find Bover's Amphoras. Lamps designed to create warm and highly special atmospheres in outdoor spaces. Their highly decorative appearance has a strong presence in any environment they are placed in, which is why the Amphoras can be used interchangeably for both outdoor and indoor applications. Their volumes and shapes pay a subtle and discreet tribute to the terracotta amphorae that were once used to decorate gardens and terraces.

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