Garota Catenary S/27/4L

GAROTA is a tribute to the sea urchins, commonly found in the Mediterrranean coasts. We all have sometime hold the naked shell of a sea hedgehog and admire its outlined body. The elliptical shapes made in polyethylene are an essential part of the Bover outdoor collections because they protect the light source from rain and humidity. These globes are the focus of the Bover outdoor products because they offer a warm and clear light, surrounded by organic, rounded and delicate shapes, designed to be equally installed indoors or outdoors and create a surrounding confort.

Alex Fernández Camps

Gonzalo Milà

Garota Catenary S/27/4L
Garota Catenary S/27/4L


Usually leaves the warehouse in 8/10 weeks
  • Brown
  • Ivory White

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