LedsC4 has been improving the quality of light for more than 50 years, representing a European benchmark in lighting solutions in over 140 countries. 

Together with Bover, LedsC4 offers a wide range of decorative lighting products for indoor and outdoor spaces, all rated and certified for the North American market.

To optimize the balance between quality, technology, and design, LedsC4 enlists rigorous manufacturing standards, key designers, and innovative fabrication technology to lead in all sales markets (hospitality, retail, workplace, multifamily, and private residences). 

LedsC4 products, distribution and service in North America is managed by Bover USA; a team that has extensive experience and a vast knowledge base in products and applications best suited for the market. 

Ilargi by LedsC4

Voiles by LedsC4

Invisible by LedsC4

Circular by LedsC4

Candle by LedsC4

Moal by LedsC4

BigBang by LedsC4

Dew by LedsC4

Cocktail by LedsC4

Tubs by LedsC4