Platet S/20

Platet is a luminaire that recovers the idea and structure of the classic industrial-looking wall lamps, giving it a new concept, to adapt it to current times and needs in terms of technology and design. “The idea came to me while walking around La Escala, I noticed one of those typical industrial-looking wall lamps with the bulb visible and protected with a transparent glass. The two elements that distinguish it, are an arm that comes out of the wall and holds a disk of enamelled metal that protects and acts as a reflector for the bulb. Not that it was a novelty or a discovery, I would say that we all have it in mind and that it is as old as incandescent bulbs; simple shapes, shapes that comfort us, shapes that are familiar to us and that make us travel through time, adapted to the Led light, there is something romantic in the Platet, made entirely of painted iron. Its colour palette include sober and warm tones, always with the inner part in white, which gives us a good quality of light. I thought it was a good idea to recover that taste and spirit of recollection that brings warmth thanks to technology, the source of light and a language in keeping with our times. Simple in its execution, rich in emotions”, Christophe Mathieu.

Christophe Mathieu

Platet S/20
Platet S/20


Usually leaves the warehouse in 8/10 weeks
  • Terracotta
  • Light Grey
  • Antique Brass
  • Olive Grey
  • LED Bulb E12
  • 0-10V

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